Crizal anti-reflective coatinganti reflective

This is an excellent coating to put on any lens. It cosmetically makes your lenses look invisible. It functionally makes your lenses free of glare from lighting. Crizal lenses help protect against smudges and are more durable than the standard anti-reflective coatings.

Progressive "invisible" multifocal

We always order the Varilux invisible multifocal for our patients. They are a "top of the line" manufacturer of no line lenses which decrease peripheral distortions and adaptation time. With an anti-reflective coating, we use a digital varilux product which further increases the "sweet spot" of the lens.


Transitions are lenses that react to UV and change to a darker tint in the sunlight. The color options for Transitions lenses are brown, grey, and graphite green. Transitions also offer XtrActive transitions.  This lens stays at a constant lighter tint, but when exposed to UV, they will change to a darker tint.