Silhouette Frames

We now carry Silhouette frames! Silhouette is the leader in lightweight quality frames, handmade in Austria since 1964. Silhouette frames are aesthetically made using high tech titanium and SPX materials and a screwless design giving an unbeatable lightweight comfort and durability. The scratch resistant materials are resistant to cosmetic wear and tear, meaning they will never chip or lose their shine.

Your Silhouette frame frame will be one of the best frames you will ever wear!


Decot Sports Glasses

Decot glasses are custom tinted sports glasses developed primarily for shooting. Out of the 40 shades of tint, one is recommended depending on your sport or what you shoot.

Prescription Swim Goggles

Sports Goggles

For children that need their glasses for sports, but are too young for contact lenses. There are plenty of fun color choices. There are also plenty of adult styles in more basic color options for adults who need sports goggles.


These are sunglasses that can fit right over your prescription glasses. They are an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses.